Bali, Indonesia

Bali Marine
Taman Safari Park

Bali Marine
August, 2017
  • Concept and design of LSS

    Initial concept and design generated by our engineers

  • System calculations and verifications

    Calculations and verifications completed by our engineers

  • Support

    Remote support supplied by our engineerings

Bali Marine
Bali Marine

ELSS have signed a contract to provide the complete LSS Automation Design, Manufacture, Install and Commissioning for this large expansion to the Taman Safari Park that will include multiple Marine Mammal and Aquarium Exhibits. 

This is a large site that will house numerous LSS Plantrooms containing various intelligent LSS Automation Systems.

The Overall LSS will be Monitored and Controlled by Dual-Server SCADAs and will be incorporated into the ELSS Intelligent Platform.

Bali Marine Bali Marine Bali Marine Bali Marine Bali Marine
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