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The ELSS Group are an extremely talented group of professionals deriving from Mechanical, Electrical, Biological and Aquarium Construction industries.

We have a plethora of experience delivering Aquatic projects globally. With an extensive list of ser vices ranging from Life Support Design, Install, Commissioning, through to complete Turnkey Packages, inclusive of Fish and Animal stocking along with Operations, we have the in-house capability to successfully take any project from initial concept through to the finished article.

Examples of our work and services can be found in virtually in all corners of the globe. We are extremely proud to have served our clients in six of the Earths Continents. We truly understand the roles required when working with different nationalities and cultures, and the care required when designing projects for live Animals.

Our team is truly international, and as with our clients, most have been with us from 2005.

ELSS Group

ELSS Group Ltd is now one of the world leaders in Aquarium Design. From the initial concept through to extremely detailed process schematic drawings, we have the experience to deliver second to none solutions to high end Aquarium owners and clients.

Our Project Management team collectively have more than 60 years’ experience in delivering successful projects. ELSS Group engineers are trained in the servicing of Ozone Generators, UV Sterilisers, with an in-depth knowledge of Instrumentation, pumps and other specialist equipment.

ELSS Group Ltd’s globally renowned LSS Automation Systems are the Heartbeat of the vast majority of Aquariums, Oceanariums & Water Theme parks that have been constructed during this past 9 years. Please review our projects for further details.

ELSS Group Ltd manufactures specialist in-house designed LSS Equipment. From small self-contained Skid systems, to large industrial Protein Skimmers, we can provide you with the complete range of filtration equipment designed and manufactured to order.

Current and Past Completed


Acuario de Sevilla

ELSS were awarded the Contract to Design, Manufacture, Install and Commission a new Backwash Recovery System for Acuario de Seville.   Due to this being in an existing functioning Aquarium, to allow for access challenges, this project required us to design

Pairi Daiza Zoo

Polar Bears, Walruses and Penguins are part of this vast new project for the team at PDZ. These exhibits are all part of new the new hotel and leisure complex currently being built at the Zoo. Hotel guests will be

Mall of Morocco

ELSS Group Ltd sign another operations contract with the owners of the Morocco Mall Aquarium. Having designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned this large Cylinder Aquarium in a Shopping Mall in 2009 to 2011, we have been the Aquarium operators since

Pairi Daiza Zoo

ELSS awarded another contract by this large Zoo in the South of Belgium. This is a 1.3m Litre Saltwater LSS that will be home the new Steller Sealions arriving in 2019.  We are contracted to Design the entire LSS inclusive

Resorts World Sentosa

ELSS USA LLC sign another contract with RWS.  This time we will be carrying various works on their large Ozone Degassing towers. This Contract follows on from various other works for this same client dating back to 2013 

Mall of Saudi Penguinarium

WSP Middle East engage ELSS for the Aquarium specialist works design package for the Penguinarium that will be housed in the Snow Park, Mall of Saudi, Riyadh. Our scope of works covers design and full engineering for Life Support Systems,