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Expert Aquarium Manufacturers

From the initial planning process through to the final commissioning, operations & maintenance, ELSS Group Ltd has the in-house expertise to assist you on your project. ELSS has provided professional services on aquarium projects across six continents. 

It is without coincidence that ELSS Group Ltd continually sees repeat business and this fact is testament to the high standards we strive to deliver. After sales and post project support are at the forefront of our mission statement.

Our team of Engineers are all UK trained and all aquarium designs are in accordance with the relevant BS-EN standards.

  • Mitsubishi, Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Allen Bradley, National Instruments.

    Our Software Engineers are proficient in coding the following Hardware.

    All PLC Programming is written in accordance with the IEC Standard.

  • Arbo Pumps, Del Ozone, Calplas, Astral, ATi, George Fischer, Aqua Cool UK

    We are proud to be associated with, and to use equipment from the following manufacturers.

    ELSS Group Ltd pays particular attention to equipment specification and selection. Our ideology being only the use of quality materials, but with a financial awareness and the end users best interests at heart.

Our Software Engineers are world leaders in Aquarium SCADA systems. We can develop SCADA on the following platforms; Touch Wonderware, CiTect, RS View32, WinCC, NI LabVIEW.

We can also build SQL Data Bases to order for population of critical Data to a Web Browser.

The ELSS Intelligent Portal is an intuitive Web Interface that manages storage of collated data on the ‘ELSS Intelligent Portal Cloud’. Information can be collected in a number of various ways ranging from basic manual entry into a web-based Spread Sheet (for Clients with less Automation controlling their LSS), through to full interrogation of the existing LSS Control System and then harvested by our intelligent Interface Modules and transmitted to the cloud.

‘Alarm’ notifications are forwarded by E-mail and SMS to recipients; ‘Events’ such as Alarms, pump status changes are logged on the portal for historical reporting.

Stored data such as logging and status information can then be securely viewed via the internet on any web-enabled device to allow user-friendly real-time observation and interrogation of information. The system offers users full control of numerous settings via the portal including:

Through an intensive R&D programme and end-user collaboration we have designed a comprehensive yet straightforward viewing platform for all our customers. With on-going development, support and continuing system upgrades we offer a fully future-proofed monitoring and reporting package for the end-user.

We trust as you finish reading this page, you will be reassured that when
working with the ELSS team, you really are in safe hands!



ELSS Group Ltd is now one of the world leaders in Aquarium Design. From the initial concept through to extremely detailed process schematic drawings, we have the experience to deliver second to none solutions to high end Aquarium owners and clients.

Our Project Management team collectively have more than 60 years’ experience in delivering successful projects. ELSS engineers are trained in the servicing of Ozone Generators, UV Sterilisers, with an in-depth knowledge of Instrumentation, pumps and other specialist equipment.

ELSS Group Ltd’s globally renowned LSS Automation Systems are the Heartbeat of the vast majority of Aquariums, Oceanariums & Water Theme parks that have been constructed during this past 9 years. Please review our projects for further details.

LSS manufactures specialist in-house designed LSS Equipment.
From small self-contained Skid systems, to large industrial Protein Skimmers, we can provide you with the complete range of filtration equipment designed and manufactured to order.