Project Management and O&M

Our Project Management team collectively have more than 60 years’ global experience in delivering successful projects. ELSS engineers are factory trained in the servicing of Ozone Generators, UV Sterilisers, together with an in-depth knowledge of Instrumentation, system pumps and other specialist equipment.

Operations, Maintenance & Servicing

  • Supply of Aquarists and Biologists for day to day operations.
  • Setting up of Husbandry protocols.
  • Servicing of Ozone Generation equipment.
  • Servicing of UV Sterilisers.
  • Servicing of the complete range of water pumps.
  • Servicing of Air Compressors & Blowers
  • Documentation, administration of all of the above.

On-Site & Remote Project Management

  • Scheduling of all related Aquarium/ Theme Park specialist works.
  • Coordination between specialist Sub Contractors and Client.
  • Budgetary control & astute financial awareness, with the clients best interests in mind.
  • Scheduling of work and production of programs.
  • On-Site quality control and supervision.
  • Day to day admin, filing and storage of all project data.