LSS Equipment Supply

ELSS manufactures specialist in-house designed LSS Equipment. From small self-contained Skid systems, to large industrial Protein Skimmers, we can provide you with the complete range of filtration equipment.

LSS Fabrication and Equipment

  • In-house manufactured Compact Skid Mounted Aquatic filtration Systems.
  • Foam Fractionators/ Protein Skimmers, 320mm to 2350mm – 7m3/hr to 340m3/hr
  • Complete range of Venturi Ozone/Air injectors.
  • Complete range of water quality Instrumentation.
  • Complete range of Ozone Generation equipment.
  • Complete range of Low, Medium and High Pressure Ultraviolet sterilisers.
  • Various GRP Tanks, Quarantine Tanks with viewing windows, and Standpipes.
  • Various made to order Biological Filters, from 5m3/hr to 280m3/hr.
  • Designed and manufactured to order Ozone Off-Gas destructors.